We can Live Stream your event, conference or product launch to public or private social media platforms. Engaging with viewers and creating a real-time exchange between your brand and your audience. All of our live streaming teams have experience working on Live Broadcast and professional video shoots. We provide technical and creative excellence with outstanding client support to produce Live Streams that run smoothly but also fully engage with their audience.

We have the experience, technical knowledge, and creative skills to make your business stand out from the crowd. Distribute high-quality video to your website, apps, Over-the-Top platform, and social channels with Surrey Live Streaming services. We ensure your LIVE video reaches your audience in the highest quality, no matter where they watch.

When high-speed broadband internet became the norm we took our 10+ years in professional video production and moved into online video live streaming. Based in Caterham, Surrey, we work with a variety of clients to provide Professional Video Live Streaming around the World.

Greenwood Media Solutions - Live Streaming Company in Surrey - Croydon - Caterham
Greenwood Media Solutions - Website Design & Video Production Company in Surrey - Croydon - Caterham



Facebook LIVE was launched in March 2016 and enables anyone with an account to publish live video to a personal profile or brand page. The platform now offers a unique opportunity for users to stream events LIVE via a smart phone or Professional Video Cameras and Microphones direct to their chosen Facebook Page.

Over the past year GMS has invested in the technology needed to deliver fast, Full HD, interactive webcasts direct to Facebook. We specialise in helping companies maximise their reach and use webcasting as an effective platform to engage with their audience.

Some LIVE streams are a simple Q&A’s with a brand ambassador or guest speakers and others are multi-camera set-ups producing a similar appearance to a traditional TV show. The interactive element of these LIVE broadcasts is what’s differentiating forward thinking brands from their competitors, being able to take interact with your audience and fully engage with during a Live Stream is truly unique.

Greenwood Media Solutions - Live Streaming Company in Surrey - Croydon - Caterham
Greenwood Media Solutions - Live Streaming Company in Surrey - Croydon - Caterham

Streaming your event LIVE on YouTube with Professional Video Cameras and Microphones is the best way to interact & grow your audience. LIVE streaming on YouTube offers a unique opportunity to share Full HD or 4K videos on the largest dedicated video platform in the world.

YouTube has been offering it’s live streaming service since 2011 and we believe it’s the most robust, user friendly and popular streaming service on the market. We have over 10 years of high end video production experience and have transferred this knowledge to our streaming services.

We’ve streamed videos for Olympic sports events, large corporate brands, Q&A’s with celebrities, charities and a lot of small to medium sized businesses looking to deliver high-quality webcasts to their audiences.


A FAST INTERNET CONNECTION – Provided by the client via WIFI or Ethernet. An internet connection with at least 2MBS upload speed is required for HD Live Streaming.

PROFESSIONAL VIDEO CAMERAS & MICROPHONES – Full HD / 4K video cameras & professional microphones are provided by us to deliver high-quality images and audio that all audiences will expect.

GO LIVE – Using the latest software we can input a video signal and convert it for streaming on Facebook or Youtube etc. We can also playback pre-recorded videos and images during the Live Stream.

ANALYTICS – Measuring your video analytics, audience interaction, like, shares and views are super important, we can help compile this data for you at the end of your Live Stream.

Greenwood Media Solutions - Website Design & Video Production Company in Surrey - Croydon - Caterham


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