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TV Location House
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TV Location House in Surrey

Location house with podcast studio, skate mini ramp, 1-acre grounds + parking for 10+ cars,
available to hire for TV, Photography & Videography.

Location House to Hire in Surrey

Nestled in the serene landscape of Surrey, lies a picturesque location house with one-acre grounds, offering a quintessential backdrop for photography and videography enthusiasts. Surrounded by verdant greenery and a tranquil ambiance, this idyllic retreat provides a perfect canvas for creative projects.

With ample parking for over 10 cars, convenience meets elegance at this stunning venue. Whether capturing the allure of nature or staging elaborate productions, the versatility of this location promises endless possibilities. From intimate shots to grand productions, immerse yourself in the charm of the countryside, where every frame tells a story of timeless beauty.

Location House

Podcast Studio in Nutfield, Redhill Surrey
Podcast Studio in Nutfield, Redhill Surrey
TV and Photography Location House with private skateboard BMX Mini ramp in Surrey
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