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Videographer Training
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Videographer Training in Surrey

We’ve been producing video content for well over a decade now and work with some of the best freelancers in the UK. We work in small production groups and also as independent freelancers and have a combined experience of over 25 years.
We’ve produced multi-camera live streaming events for Broadcast TV and smaller videos for local companies looking to publicise their business on YouTube. We have the experience and have developed this course to help the next generation, let us share this with you.

Our Showreel


• Videographers course – designed for camera operators looking for practical training.

• Gain experience in the skills needed to be a professional freelance videographer, kit selection, pre-production, camera set-up and operation, professional audio, and post-production capture procedure.

• Develop the hands-on skills needed to deliver the great camera work week in and week out.

• Expert tuition to help trainees secure a job in the creative industries.

• Our hands-on training prepares the next generation of creatives for work in the real world. It builds creative and technical skills essential to succeed in today’s YouTube, Film, Television, and Mobile Media Industries. Our highly experienced teaches show you the fundamentals of storytelling, production, and the business skills needed to succeed in the real world as a freelance videographer.

• Being a great videographer and knowing what to charge and the acceptable pressure and time requirements that most videographers will be under is also essential to becoming a professional and succeeding.

• Build an attractive showreel and put your knowledge into practice during training, the hands-on lessons put you in a great position to succeed and equips you with the industry knowledge to succeed in the future.

• Professional videographer lessons.
• Full or half-day lessons available from freelance videographers.

• 1-2-1 Tuition from industry professionals.

• 4K and HD Professional broadcast equipment demonstrations.

• Industry-ready showreel showing off your new videography skills.

• Business advice and freelance editing rates disclosed.

• Telephone & email support.

• DSLR or Video Camera (SD card-based camera is recommended).
• Please contact us for costs, prices vary depending on ability level.

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